About Us

If you are like nearly all of our clients you want your production done on time. End of story. We can do that. And yes, we can make that change on time too. Here are a few things we can do: Production, Camera Operations, Post-Production Editing, Production Management, Duplication and Distribution, Livestreaming, Audio/Visual Services.


Video Production

We can accommodate any production scope, budget and timeline.  We frequently shoot the single HD camera back of the room events (BORE) and green screen shoots to the much more elaborate multi-camera live switched IMAG webcast events.  In addition, we can produce full location shoots using all the latest gear available from 4K cameras to jibs, to steadicams to Drones. 


Live Web Streaming enables you to reach out to a huge audience. We provide the tools necessary for a professional HD Broadcast to anywhere in the world. Whether you want to go to Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram Live, Livestream, Ustream, YouTube Live, Twitch, we can accommodate any platform to distribute your content to the web.



Our office includes several Apple Mac Pro Editing bays for you to sit down and work closely with our editors. We provide editing, motion graphics, transcoding, audio mixing, duplication and format conversions. 


Forensic Video

When was the last time a major crime or event took place, and video did not document it? Video is all around us, broadcast, consumer, CCTV, and cell phone cameras. In most of those cases, professional video experts are used to prepare the media for convenient viewing or court preparation. That is where we come in.

We are experienced report preparation, deposition and court testimony. Call for a quote, CV, or Expert Witness Retainer.

We can cover just about any type of video project such as:

Corporate, Anniversary, Real estate, Tours, Restoration, Insurance, Collector, Kids/Teens, Reunion, Heartfelt, Advocacy, Memorial, Historical, Capture/Share, Band/Artist/Music, Legal, Charity/Fundraising, Opening a Business, Public Relations, For Sale, Resume/Credentials, News Reporting, Live Events, Book Promotions, Travel Film/Photo Restoration, "Celebrity", YouTube videos for others, Front of Crowd videos, YouTube videos for yourself, Other people's courses, Other people's schools, Blogs/websites, Marketing, Stock video/photos, Social media (celebrities), Books and audio, Video for Podcasts.