2018 CHOC Children's Charley Awards


On June 22, 2018 the CHOC Children's Foundation held their annual Charley Awards Luncheon. The Charley Awards, which is named in remembrance of Charles W. Hester, a beloved former board chairman at CHOC, recognizes seven honorees who exemplify his ideals of philanthropy and volunteerism in the CHOC Children's community. 

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Through the months of May and June ESI Video worked closely with the CHOC Children's Foundation to plan, film, and edit individual videos about the seven honorees and the generous work they put in to helping the children receiving outstanding care at CHOC Children's Hospital. In each video the honoree was introduced by a colleague or a CHOC Children's Foundation board member. This introduction was followed by a grateful family who told their story about their time at CHOC and how that honoree helped provide some of the best medical care available though volunteering or generous donations. 

To film these videos ESI Video worked with the busy schedules of medical staff members, board members, music therapists, and the grateful families. The ESI team also adapted to a variety of locations across the CHOC facilities, creating light and camera set ups in playrooms, libraries, hallways, and examination rooms. Some interviews were also shot on green screen.

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In editing, ESI worked diligently to create a clear and meaningful story for each two minute honoree video. Gerald Cromwell, ESI's head editor, promptly accomplished this creative challenge, sifting through interviews, footage, and still images to find the best soundbites and visuals. Using Adobe After Affects Gerald also created custom graphics and animations for the Charley Awards. The editing process and graphics were completed on schedule to allow for the CHOC Foundation to review the project before the event and to suggest any minor changes before finalizing the videos. 

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